Why a salesperson is writing for salespeople

Most sales books are written for management, not salespeople

When I started in technology sales in 1999 the sales bible was the recently published SPIN Selling by Neil Rackham and his Huthwaite Research team.

Sales books only cover one aspect of the job

If you can get over the fact that most sales books are written for your boss and not for you, then what’s the problem?

Sales careers are very siloed

I’ve been lucky enough in my career to sell to small businesses and large global enterprises. I’ve sold direct to customers, as well as building out a European-wide channel programme. I’ve sold products as well as professional services. I’ve worked for vendors as well as partners.

Writing for a first time seller

Over the last nine months I’ve written for two people.



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Charlie Cowan

Charlie Cowan

20 years of technology sales experience and now sharing to help those starting their sales careers.